About Small Steps Day Nursery

Small Steps Day Nursery is situated right in the heart of Kidlington and makes full use of the local community around us. We aim to provide experiences that will develop the children's natural sense of curiosity and exploration. 

We provide a learning environment that uses many natural and authentic resources. These not only give children the opportunity to explore different resources, but also to develop language and personal, social and emotional skills. 

We place a high value on the holistic development of each individual child. Through our key person system we focus on the strengths and interests of each child to build upon their skills. 

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters as the basis of our curriculum. For more information on these please take a look at them here.  


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5:30pm


Breakfast 8am-8:45am

Morning Session 8:45-12:45am

Afternoon Session 12:45-up to 5:30pm

We are open for 48 weeks of the year. Please see our calendar for more details.


Our Daily Routine

Nurturing at every step

Children can arrive at 8 am for Breakfast Club and enjoy some breakfast and free play time. 
Children who are attending the morning session will arrive between 8:45 am and 9:15 am. The day will start with a range of activities planned for the children and some free choice activities. The children will have a snack time and take part in group times, such as singing time and story time. Older children will also begin learning about phonics and maths skills.
Lunch time will begin at 11:45 am. The children from both rooms will join together to make meal times a communal event. After lunch some children will sleep or rest, while older children will enjoy playing outside. 
At 3:45 pm children who are on an Early Finish afternoon session will leave to go home. 
Children who are on a Late Finish afternoon session will continue to play and explore, until 4:15 pm, when they will come together for tea time. 
After tea time the children will play inside and outside, until it is home time.


Small Steps Day Nursery Team

All our staff hold appropriate early years qualifications and have First Aid and Safeguarding training.
Please feel free to speak with any of them about our nursery.

becca 1.JPG



Becca has worked with children, of all ages, for over ten years and has a first class Degree in Early Childhood Studies. She has had training in Special Education Needs, Behaviour Management and Phonics.



Deputy Manager

Karen has much experience of working with early years children of all ages. She holds a Level 3 Diploma in Pre-school Practice and is our Nursery SENCO.



Nursery Assistant

Suzanne has a level 3 childcare qualification and has worked within the childcare industry for many years. She has a wealth of experience with children of all ages.



Nursery Assistant

Camilla has worked with pre-school children for over 12 years and loves to develop her practice and learn new things. She holds a Level 3 Diploma in Pre-school Practice.



Nursery Assistant 

Catherine has a level 3 childcare qualification and has experience working in preschool and nursery settings. She is working in Bumble Bees for a couple of mornings a week.



Lunch Time Assistant

Lia has experience of working with babies, toddlers and pre-school children. She supports the children at lunch time and helps them to learn through play.



Nursery Assistant

Ruth has a level 3 in childcare and has worked with children in both pre-school and school settings. She enjoys being creative with the children in Bumble Bees room.



Nursery Assistant

Hatty has recently completed her level 3 in childcare and has enjoyed working in lots of different settings as part of her training. She will be supporting the children in both Bumble Bees and Butterflies room.



Nursery Assistant

Lauren is based in Bumble Bees room and has a level 2 in childcare. She has experience of working with children under 4 in nursery settings.



Nursery Assistant

Iona has worked with children in both pre-schools and in schools. She brings lots of experience as she has 5 children of her own and enjoys crafts and cooking.